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Clean Beauty that Cares about the Environment
Lens Very
Lensvery offers personalized color lenses in various colors and styles to help you express your unique beauty in the 4th industrial revolution era.
Color & House
We specialize in enhancing beauty with expert color techniques, from gray coverage to trendy highlights.
Unchanging Beauty is not Beauty. To Change your Beauty is to gain Unchanging Beauty.
more than 8
More than 8 aims to provide a 'hair loss specialized home care platform' that offers premium hair loss relief products, nutritional supplements for hair health, and hair-related content, enabling clinic-level hair care experiences at home
Launched based on the expertise accumulated from operating a spa for 10 years Aippo aims to approach more customers and solve their skin concerns.
The Diet
For your busy lifestyle and sensitive skin, choose...
Immunity is a crucial function that protects our bodies from invading pathogens. However, the inflammatory response it triggers should be temporary and limited to effectively exert its immune function.
CCAM BBAK's story starts in Cheongdam-Dong, the epicenter of K-beauty, where, alongside famous makeup artists, we pioneered a new kind of eyelash—the first of its kind in Korea—after rigorous design and testing. Since then, we've tirelessly developed our hand-made eyelashes to enhance your beauty even further.
plenty plant
"Plenti Plant" (a blend of "Plenty" and "Plant") symbolizes the abundance of plants, emphasizing their inherent sufficiency. We wholeheartedly embrace ingredients sourced from nature, particularly plants, infusing our brand philosophy with the aim of promoting healthy beauty and nurturing all life on Earth.
A beauty tool specialist brand suggesting a complete beauty lifestyle complemented by TOOLIF.
We have different 'selves': the home comfort me, the lively me outside, the me driven by others' needs, the me when alone. At the core of balancing these facets ultimately lies me, myself.
MilliMilli is dedicated to crafting skincare products that prioritize natural skin breathing. Our research delves into skin proteins to create gentle products for both skin and the planet, inspiring continuous innovation.
If you've struggled to find products that suit your sensitive and problematic skin, try O'ive.
Ro Blue
The beauty nurtured by efforts towards healthy skin.
Combining the words 'Eco' and 'Be,' EcoBe embodies a pursuit of a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Inspired by nature, we explore healthy skin through thoughtfully selected ingredients.
A journey to find beauty as it is
There is no one-size-fits-all answer to all forms of life. UDIR is a company that creates lifestyles where everyone can live as they wish, with a delicate perspective. The first brand of UDIR, BubbleLamb, focuses on the new form of family that includes pets and children, supporting a happy life for all members.
The silent miracle of the skin that comes with the snow After many trials and efforts, we are able to give skin as pure as the innocence in the snow.
We are committed to
addressing the practical
concerns of Feminine Care
The real secret to great skin is Crystal Forest, reflecting your pure heart within.
For your busy lifestyle and sensitive skin, choose...
Experience the exquisite fragrance akin to luxury perfumes. This is the philosophy of 'MUMCHIT', allowing you to 'MUMCHIT' in your own fragrance.
Taking time to focus on myself through fragrance, recalling my inner self.
Our goal is to provide customized solutions that make it easy and convenient to care for skin and solutions.
Kiera is opening a new era with dedication to ingredients and sincere dedication to consumers.
Skinnine cosmetic, a cosmetic that resembles nature.
Herbloom, a combination of 'HERB' and 'BLOOM', believes that beauty can add vitality to every moment of daily life beyond just the skin. We strive to consume cosmetics healthily and with value in mind.
Bellboy Studio
Bellboy Studio's beauty and health products for the whole family seamlessly integrate into daily life like enjoyable play with children, creating the foundation for healthy skin.
IMPIEL is a brand that dreams of everyone enjoying healthy and beautiful skin.
The P.Calm research team focuses on developing products tailored to specific skin concerns and conditions, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to skincare.



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